• Saskatoon radio!

    Saskatoon radio!

    Thanks to Jay Allen at CFCR 90.5FM Saskatoon Community Radio for having me in for an interview and to play a couple of songs before the gig at d'Lish by Tish Cafe. Saskatoon is such a nice town!

  • Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. J.R. Goodwin

    Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. J.R. Goodwin

    What a pleasure it was to meet and spend time with John Robert Goodwin in Quesnel, BC.

    J.R. has been on and off the road for decades, touring his own original country music. He gave me a few copies of his various albums, and I've been listening to them on the road across Canada. I'm blown away; he is a really great country style songwriter, and he has an amazing singing voice. He reminds me of all my other country music heroes like Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson, Merle Haggard, Johnny Cash, Kris Kristofferson, George Jones, George Strait, etc.

    I've enjoyed hearing his road stories about his trips to Arizona, and someday I have to visit The Somewhere Bar, which he has written a song about. J.R. is a passionate guy and he lives for his music. He's won various awards through the years, and I see why. 

    Pleased to meet you J.R. and I'll see you again somewhere down the road.

    ~ Bob

  • First time to Newfoundland

    First time to Newfoundland

    Wow, Newfoundland! The place I've only heard about and never been to. Well, in a few weeks from now I'll be jumping onto the island to play a few gigs, and I'm definitely looking forward to this Poets & Pickers night at The Ferry Last Stop Cafe in Portugal Cove. I've heard many stories about Newfoundlanders and how they are such interesting folks, compared to the west coasters. Apparently I'm supposed to "kiss a cod"...or something like that, and chug a bit of "Newfie Screech". Guess I'll find out all about it when the time comes!

  • A song for Mother's Day

    HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to all the mothers of the world! 

    The Love of a Mother is a song I wrote a couple of years ago as a gift for my own mother. Needless to say, I think she liked it. 

    I hope you will enjoy it and share it with your mother or with other people who may appreciate the song. 

    ~ Bob

  • Look Ma, I'm in the paper!

    Look Ma, I'm in the paper!

    I'm currently on Koh Phangan, a tiny and beautiful island in the Gulf of Thailand. I've just begun a month long intensive yoga training program at Agama Yoga.

    Just yesterday I got an email from my parents, telling me that this article appeared in the local Maple Ridge & Pitt Meadows paper. That's pretty cool! 

    I want to send a big thanks to Eric Zimmer for agreeing to meet me and write an article about my music and upcoming cross Canada tour. Thanks Eric! I really appreciate your work.

    ~ Bob

  • Thank you Larry Rode!

    What a fun time we had at Country 840 AM radio in 100 Mile House! A huge thanks goes out to Larry Rode for having me on his morning show. What a super friendly and awesome guy! I'll definitely plan to head through that way again someday. ~ Bob

  • The Bicycle Tree

    The Bicycle Tree

    Thanks to Keith at The Bicycle Tree for having me play last Friday night. I had a great time and met lots of really nice people. If you don't already know, The Bicycle Tree is a friendly coffee shop/espresso bar/eatery located in 100 Mile House, BC. It's tucked right at the end of the Cariboo Mall, on Alder Ave. I recommend stopping in for a bite and a drink if you're in town. If you're there on a Friday, check out the Farmer's Market too!

    ~ Bob

  • Gotta love Jack!

    Gotta love Jack!

    One of the reasons I'm happy to be back in Canada is that I get to play music with friends again. And there aren't too many people that I enjoy playing music with more than Jack. This guy has the blood of an old time traveling blues singer in him. 

    Missed ya, Jack!

  • Live at The Dusty Rose Neighbourhood Pub, 70 Mile House, BC.

    Live at The Dusty Rose Neighbourhood Pub, 70 Mile House, BC.

    The night after singing in 100 Mile House, I'll be joined by Jack Keough at The Dusty Rose in 70 Mile!

    I'm looking forward to playing a ton of classic country cover songs with Jack, and playing a bunch of songs from The Green Lake Album. Showtime is 7pm. 

    Jack has been a friend for a long time. He's a cool east coast guy with a great rock/blues singing voice. I love when he sings The Stones' Dead Flowers.

    See y'all in 70 Mile.

    ~ Bob

  • Live at The Bicycle Tree Espresso Bar (Coffee Shop)

    Live at The Bicycle Tree Espresso Bar (Coffee Shop)

    I'm glad to be back in the Cariboo after a year in South Korea. I love it here! 

    This Friday, March 18th, I'll be playing at The Bicycle Tree Cafe in 100 Mile House (757 Alder Ave). Copies of The Green Lake Album will be available for $10, and I'll pass the hat in hopes of making a bit of moola (gas money). Showtime is 7pm. Hope to see ya!