Money Don't Mean That Much To Me (Westfall Mountain)

Hit The Road Again

The Love Of A Mother

My Old Man

Another Coconut Shake (on Koh Phangan)

Christmas Time Again (Merry Christmas)

Live & Lo-Fi in Thailand: Koh Samui & Koh Phangan

Time Hurries On

Half A Man 

Searching For The Holy Man

Boot Hill Blues (Live in Battambang, Cambodia)

Steel Rail Blues (Live in Cambodia)

On My Way (Live at Rak Tamachat, Thailand)

Meet Me In Texas (live in Myanmar)

Smile While The Sun Shines (live in Myanmar)

Another Coconut Shake (live in Myanmar)

Country Roads (live in Myanmar)

Brainwashed (Blow Up Your TV)

Tomorrow Never Knows

An Honest Philosophical Question

Whonnock Lake Song

I Am A Timebomb

Hit The Road Again

Country 840AM Radio Interview - May 12, 2017

Westfall Mountain - The Hobo Song

Live at The Art We Are


Boy With The Stars In His Eyes

Smile While The Sun Shines (Live on Shaw TV Thunder Bay)

100 Miles To Houston (Live on Shaw TV Thunder Bay)

Country 840AM Radio Interview - October 7, 2016

The Heart Of A Child In You

When I Get Home

Feel Your Spirit Shine

Love Will Live Forever

Country 840 AM Radio Interview

Walking Down The Road


Smile While The Sun Shines

Green Lake

Down By The River

Howling At The Moon

Freedom Within Social Responsibility

Old Friend

Doesn't It Feel Good To Be A Free Man?

Boot Hill Blues (Westfall Mountain)

Little Horse Nights

Sail Away with Me 

Meet Me In Texas


My Oh My (How the Time Does Fly)


Children of God 

 Sunny Side of the Moon

 Steel Rail Blues

 Boot Hill Blues (Live in Rosarito, Mexico)

 City Sidewalks