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WESTFALL MOUNTAIN is an acoustic country-rock duo started with my good friend, Mike Mountain, in 2009. Our sound is like an unpolished diamond. We play loose and natural, organic and dirty. We are real ragged glory, campfire style. Beautiful. We are Woody Guthrie and Cisco Houston mid 1940's.


Westfall Mountain did the majority of our live performances between 2010 and 2014, though we have performed sporadically since then, mostly around the Lower Mainland of BC. Our first gig was at The Railway Club in downtown Vancouver, in March of 2010. We released our debut album in 2012, and our sophomore album was finished in 2019. Both albums are available on Bandcamp.

Mike Mountain is both a songwriter and an accomplished author, with three novels of fiction published. Check out his debut novel here.

Mike's adventure-crime-fiction novels include: 

1. The Eastman Chronicles

2. Eastman Down Under

3. Cliff Eastman: Private Eye

At the moment, Bob is living on an island in Thailand, and Mike is holding down the fort in New Westminster, BC. Westfall Mountain will perform live again when the opportunity presents itself!

Check out some classic Westfall Mountain performances, with Brandon Williams on mandolin!

Westfall Mountain @ The Railway Club.jpg
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